Basuki to Submit Resignation Letter from Gerindra Party Today

Rabu, 10 September 2014 16:01 Erna Martiyanti Rini Elvira 1809
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Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki T Purnama stated explicitly that he will resign from Gerindra, the party which supported him during Jakarta’s gubernatorial election in 2012. At this time, Basuki is preparing his resignation letter that will be submitted to Gerindra Central Executive Board (DPP) today, Wednesday (9/10).

I prepare the letter today, then send it to DPP, stating that I resign from Gerindra Party

Basuki chooses to resign because he does not agree with the regional head election (pilkada) act draft (RUU) which currently being discussed by the House of Representatives (DPR). On the other hand, Gerindra is one of the parties that supports this draft to be ratified by DPR. If the draft really is ratified, later regional heads will be determined by regional parliaments (DPRD) and no longer elected by the people.

“If so, I can no longer be a good party member since party’s articles of association (AD/ART) stated that party member must subservient to party’s decision. If could not subservient, the consequence is submit resignation letter. I prepare the letter today, then send it to DPP, stating that I resign from Gerindra Party,” uttered Basuki at City Hall.

After he leaves Gerindra Party, Basuki said that he will not move to other party. He just wants to focus on working for the citizens.

“No, I’m lazy to move to other party. I’m just going to concentrate on handling Jakarta for three years ahead,” he asserted.

According to Basuki, he would not move to other party because he believes that he would not be elected again as Jakarta governor in the next regional head election. This is because if the draft ratified by DPR, DPRD members would not support him.

“It’s impossible for me to become governor again in 2017. It’s impossible for me to be elected again if the party electing was DPRD. I better work as fast as possible in these three years so Jakarta could be better. In 2017, the governor must be someone who is parties’ elites share version,” he insinuated.

Moreover, Basuki admitted that existing regional head election indeed has deficiencies. But, it does not mean the system should be returned as previously. One of the deficiencies that needs to be improved is that the wealth of regional head candidates must be checked.

He also has no qualm being said does not grateful to the party that has supported him. This is because in the 2012 Jakarta’s gubernatorial election, other party that supported him besides Gerindra was PDIP.

“It’s not Gerindra only that supported me previously, right? There was also PDIP. And then, was it only PDIP and Gerindra voters who chose me? No, right? If only PDIP and Gerindra voters who chose me, could I be (vice Jakarta governor)?” he expressed.