Kebayoran Baru RSUD Receives International Award

Kamis, 17 Oktober 2019 11:05 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 716

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The Kebayoran Baru General Hospital (RSUD), received an award at the 25th Asia Pacific International Quality and Productivity Convention held in Bali on October,14-15.

Alhamdulillah they get 3 stars

Kebayoran Baru RSUD Director Friana Asmely expressed, in the event, she sent the teams of the Quality Control Group (GKM) for SeKepal Hati Rasa Baru (Knock on doors, serve with heart) system and Donate Suggestions, Let's Fight Tuberculosis (SS MANTUL).

"Alhamdulillah they get 3 stars," she expressed.

She explained that the SeKepal Hati Rasa Baru is an innovation in the form of applications to detect non-communicable diseases early, cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels), high-risk pregnant women and so on.

Then the SS MANTUL is an innovation to solve Tuberculosis in detecting household contact with its patients.

"We are very grateful and motivated to always give the best service to the public," she told.

In the future, this innovation is not only used in hospitals, but will widely be developed in the public.

"SeKepal Hati Rasa Baru is still being developed for the public," she stated.