Together with Locals, Thousand Island Regency Improves Islands' Tourism Potentials

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Maria Inggita | March 30th, 2019 04:17 PM 16:17 WIB | Dibaca 599 kali
Together with Locals, Thousand Island Regency Improves Islands' Tourism Potentials (Foto : Suparni /

Thousand Islands Regency cooperates with local residents to increase each islands potentials as tourist destinations.

" We intensify cooperation between local government and residents"

Thousand Island Regent, Husein Murad mentioned, his side together with local resident have built four new parks that can be used for selfie spot. He hopes tourists can use this location to capture a memorable moment when visiting Thousand Islands.

"We intensify cooperation between local government and residents to make our islands become more attractive, beautiful, comfortable, cleaner thus our tourism sector can be improved," he conveyed, Saturday (3/30).

There are four new park in Thousand Islands. First is called Taman Menunggu Dirimu. This park is located in front of Harapan Island Urban Village office, North Thousand Islands. Tourists can visit this place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

Second is Taman Flora Tanjong Timor located on the east of Panggang Island. There are also other tourist destinations near this park such as Wedana office which was built since 1918 and SWRO facilities.

Third, Taman Pantai Nusa Widya. It is located in Tidung Island, South Thousand Islands. Besides this park, there are also other tourism destinations which are popular for its selfie spots such as Gembok Cinta and Mahligai Cinta.

Fourth, Taman Kursi Pengantin which location is not far from Pohon Pengantin (Bride Tree) on the east coast of Untung Jawa Island, South Thousand Islands. From this location, visitors can enjoy panoramic view of Amiterdam ocean and romantic selfie spot with its colorful lights that can be enjoyed at night.

"All parks and selfie spots are built together with the locals. I really appreciate their contribution in improving local tourism potentials," he expressed.

According to him, local resident holds an important role to make local and foreign tourists to feel comfortable in Thousand Islands.

"It is their friendliness and kindness which are the most important thing," he asserted.