City Achieves WTP

Senin, 28 Mei 2018 15:42 Oki Akbar 1007

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Audit Board (BPK) gives Reasonable Without Exception (WTP) predicate to Jakarta Provincial Government on Jakarta Financial Statements (LKPD) for City Budget 2017.

Based on auditing conducted on Jakarta LKPD City Budget 2017, BPK gives WTP predicate

"Based on auditing conducted on Jakarta LKPD City Budget 2017, BPK gives WTP predicate," stated Isma Yatun, Member V of BPK at City Council plenary room, Monday (5/28).

She mentioned, previously City got Reasonable With Exception (WDP) predicate for City Budget 2016 because of inadequate control system of local fixed asset recording.

Thus BPK urges City to be more orderly in administrative management. Especially in Accrual Based Accounting Standard Implementation's performance check.

She explained, City has followed up BPK recommendation to form Regional Asset Management Agency, fixed asset inventorying, to fix Inventory Item Card (KIB) to be more informative.

Then to browse and correct invalid asset records, to correct unreasonable asset value and complete the fixed asset information system.

"Through continuous synergy with BPK, Jakarta Government is able to fix and improve management  and financial accountability, including fixed asset management," she conveyed.

But, she reminds City to concern about fixed asset administration to run systematically and continuously. Considering the value, number, and complexity of City fixed assets.

"We hope the audited LKPD is not only used for accountability, but also as information that can be used for financial decision-making," she added.