City Gets 3 Water Pumps from Japan Government

Jumat, 28 Maret 2014 13:19 Adi Alfiyan 1469

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Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) attended the inauguration of water pumping station in the east of Pluit Dam, North Jakarta. Besides Jokowi, the inauguration was also attended by Public Works Deputy Minister Herman Dardak and North Jakarta Mayor Heru Budi Hartono.

With the presence of three new water pumps, which worth Rp 1.6 billion yen or equivalent to Rp 120 billion granted by Japanese government, Jokowi hopes flooding in the capital city could decrease.

“Jakarta was flooded one and a half years ago because four water pumps in the west damaged after being drowned. While in the east, the pumps were installed on top, thus no matter worse the flood is, the pumps will always running and the water from in the dam can still flowing into the sea,” stated Jokowi after the inauguration, Thursday (3/27).

Meanwhile, Public Works Deputy Minister, Hermanto Dardak, explained that each of those water pumps has a capacity of five cubic meters per second. That means, three pumps will able to drain water up to 15 cubic meters per second. Pluit Dam itself can accommodate water 34 cubic meters per second, thus it could help almost half.

“These three pumps are able to protect (Jakarta) from flooding approximately 34 square kilometers, including the State Palace, important buildings, et cetera,” he uttered.

According to Dardak, if the pump damaged, Public Works Ministry hands out its maintenance to Jakarta Provincial Government.

“It is better (for the pump’ maintenance) to be in one management to create a clear chain of command. Thus, if the pump damaged, it could be handled straightaway, no need phone calls,” responded Jokowi.