71 Hospitals in Jakarta Refusing to Serve BPJS

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | March 04, 02:09 PM 14:09 WIB | Dibaca 931 kali
71 Hospitals in Jakarta Refusing to Serve BPJS (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)
The program of Jakarta Health Card (KJS) initiated by Jakarta Governor, Joko `Jokowi` Widodo has been merged into the National Health Insurance (JKN) which will be managed by PT Social Security Management Agency (BPJS) this year. From 152 hospitals, 81 out of them in Jakarta are serving the JKN patients.

Head of Jakarta Health Department, Dien Emmawati ensured that JKN service does not affect the BPJS patients. As many as 71 hospitals are still refusing to join the BPJS, because the payment system does not match the Indonesian Case Based Groups INA CBGs). "In Jakarta, many hospitals have participated in BPJS program. Its amount reaches 81 hospitals," she told, Monday (3/3). 

She stated health service in Jakarta has also been supported by 340 community health centers (Puskesmas) and 8 clinics. Therefore, people are asked to utilize the service well. "BPJS program has spread in Jakarta, like in clinic. Unluckily, a lot of people do not know it," he stated.

Emmawati acknowledged that preventive and promotive efforts need to be socialized ??to the public. Promotive effort aims to tell people where they have to go to the community health center or clinic if they get sick.

While for preventive effort aims to direct people to prevent disease before treating. Because according to him, such thing is also imposed in foreign country. Thus, the amount of the patient in hospital does not overload. 

"We do it in a bid to prevent sick people. In foreign country, hospital is always deserted from patients, because they use preventive effort. Then consulting with the personal doctor. This is our priority now," he finished.