Sentiong Riverbank Residents Move to Komarudin Flat

Reporter : | Editor : Rini Elvira | February 9th, 2014 10:57 AM 10:57 WIB | Dibaca 1078 kali
Sentiong Riverbank Residents Move to Komarudin Flat (Foto : /
As many as 40 families living on Sentiong riverbank across Sunter Selatan Lake Pump House, North Jakarta, are finally agreed to be relocated to Komarudin Flat, Pulogebang Urban Village, Cakung Sub-District, East Jakarta. Meanwhile, the remaining 160 families are still persistent to stay in the area. After all residents are relocated and the land is cleared from buildings, an inspection road and an embankment will be built at the end of this month.

Sentiong riverbank has been occupied by the residents for over 20 years. Administratively, the residents are divided into two areas. Some are recorded as residents of Kebon Kosong Urban Village, Kemayoran Sub-District, Central Jakarta, whil some others are registered as residents of RT 17 and 19 RW 05, Sunter Agung Urban Village, Tanjung Priok Sub-District, North Jakarta.

Kamidun (51), a resident who lives in RT 17/05 Sunter Agung, admitted happy with the relocation. However, he hopes the flat’s rent fee would not be too expensive. But for the first six months, the rent fee is free of charge. “If I may, please don’t charge us with high rent fee. If could, don’t be more than Rp 100 thousand,” he expressed, Saturday (2/8).

Meanwhile, Coordinator for Dams and Rivers Normalization, Heriyanto, said that for the relocation of those 40 families, his party gives assistance in form of providing transportation and freightage. “They have received the keys since early this week. They wanted to move since the beginning, but told us that they were having difficulties in transporting their goods. That’s why we help them now,” he uttered.

Regarding Sentiong River normalization work, Heriyanto stated that from 750 meters of embankment to be done on the side of Jl. Sunter Jaya, the realization until now is only about 500 meters. As a result, when rain poured yesterday, Sentiong River water had runoff and filled Sunter Lake. “That’s why we speed up the work and add more backhoes to six units as well as workers to more than 100 people,” he explained.

For the work at the west side of the river, Heriyanto added, it will be started after the residents have been relocated all at the end of this month. The work itself includes the making of inspection road and embankment as high 1.5 meters.