PKB and BBNKB Revenues Realization Reaches Rp 9.32 Trillion

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 11, 2018 07:32 PM | Hits 110
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Jakarta's Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Vehicle-Ownership Transfer Fee (BBNKB) revenues from January to September 2018 is collected Rp 9.32 trillion.

" We collected Rp 8.90 trillion for BBNKB and PKB revenues on the same period last year"

Acting Jakarta Tax and Retribution Agency (BPRD) Head (Plt), Faisal Syafruddin explained, PKB revenue reaches Rp 5.65 trillion. While BBNKB revenue reaches Rp 3.67 trillion.

"We collected Rp 8.90 trillion for BBNKB and PKB revenues on the same period last year. It is increased by Rp 420 billion," he stated, Tuesday (9/11).

He mentioned, revenue target for PKB in 2018 is Rp 8 trillion while BBNKB is Rp 5.75 trillion.

"Realization for PKB is around 70.74 percent from target and BBNKB is around 63.83 percent. We are optimistix to achieve the target," he conveyed.

According to him, PKB and BBNKB revenues are increasing after policy that regulates about administration sanction is issued.

For PKB, average revenue per month is increased from January-June 2018 period to July-August 2018, which is from Rp 646.44 billion to Rp 793.08 billion. 

Meanwhile for BBNKB, it increases from Rp 426.84 billion in January-June 2018 to Rp 502.35 billion in July-August 2018.

"Administration sanction deletion is effective to increase tax revenue. In average, it can increase by 23 percent for PKB and 18 percent for BBNKB," he mentioned.

Since administrative sanction is removed, he continued, number of people who pay for BBNKB and PKB is also increased.

"Formerly, it is only 392,201 vehicle documents in average. But after administrative sanction is removed, it reaches 491.921 vehicles per month or increased up to 25 percent," he added.

For information, Jakarta Government removes administration sanction for taxpayers as it is mentioned in Governor Decree No. 3/2018 about Procedures Changing for Reducing or Eliminating Regional Tax Administration Sanctions.

Tax administration saction removal is applied for PKB, BBNKB, and PBB-P2 during 54-day calendar which is started from June 27-August 31, 2018.