Dishub Asked to Propose Towing Car to Transport Container Truck

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 30, 2018 03:19 PM | Hits 166
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Jakarta Council's Commission B asked Jakarta Transportation Dept. (Dishub) to propose budget for towing truck procurement which is specifically for container truck transporter in General Budget Policies Amendment and Provisional Budget Ceiling and Priorities (KUPA-PPAS) 2018's amendment.

" Coincidentally, illegal parking is often happened in North Jakarta"

Jakarta Council's Commission B Secretary, Mualif said, there are many container trucks that parked illegally in North Jakarta and it disturbs residents.

"Coincidentally, illegal parking is often happened in North Jakarta. Towing truck used to transport container is needed. At least we need to have one," he said at Jakarta Council Building, Wednesday (8/29).

According to him, this special towing truck considered could help Jakarta Dishub to control container trucks which are parked illegally.

"Thus Dishub can intervene when there is a problem," he conveyed.

Responded to that, Jakarta Transportation Dept. Head, Andri Yansyah admitted, his side is ready to propose special towing unit to transport container truck in KUPA-PPAS 2018's amendment.

"First we need to learn it. If it is available in e-katalog, then we can propose its budget in KUPA-PPAS 2018's amendment," he stated.