Pengadegan Urban Village Leads to Hydroponic Village

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 24, 2018 12:00 PM | Hits 201
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Pengadegan Urban Village, Pancoran Sub-district, South Jakarta will lead to Hydroponic Village. Each RWs are asked to develop urban farming using hydroponic system gradually.

" We will encourage our neighborhood to be Hydroponic Village gradually"

Pengadegan Urban Village Head, Mursid said, His side tries to support hydroponic movement. Four RWs in his area are in progress to be Hydroponic Village. Those are from RW 01, RW 03, RW 07 and RW 08.

"We will encourage our neighborhood to be Hydroponic Village gradually. Now it is only four RWs, but later all RWs will participate," he stated, Tuesday (1/23).

He explained, Pengadegan Urban Village has long been programmed as Hydroponic Village. His side also encourages residents to utilize their land for urban farming.

"We have programmed hydroponic village since long time ago together with residents. Because we can use even only one or two meters for it," he conveyed.

He added, after Hydroponic Village program is succeed, Pengadengan Urban Village will try to become Colorful Village. But it will be different with other villages.

"Colorful Village is for educational purpose. Such as animal and flower pictures to educate people," he said.