RE Martadinata and Lodan Raya Prone to Illegal Parking Attendants

Reporter : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati | Editor : Rizky Mawardi | December 01, 2016 07:06 PM | Hits 659
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Several spots of Jalan RE Martadinata and Jalan Lodan Raya Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta are prone to illegal parking attendants.

" They manage the traffic lane recklessly"

Not only troubling the passerby, the illegal parking attendant also causes traffic jam is getting worse.

Based on’s observation, there are three spots of illegal parking attendant such as Ancol Flyover, intersection of Jalan Kampung heading to Jalan Parang Tritis, U-Turn of Jalan Lodan Raya up to Pospos Bintang Mas traffic light.

Andi (43), one of local residents, said usually the illegal parking attendants operate from noon to evening.

“They manage the traffic lane recklessly,” he said, Thursday (12/1).

Responding the matter, North Jakarta Satpol PP Head, admitted will follow up the illegal parking attendants.

“Our personnel will intensify the monitoring,” he promised.