700 Citizens Flocked to BPJS Office to Get JKN Card

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | January 09, 05:42 PM 17:42 WIB | Dibaca 1300 kali
700 Citizens Flocked to BPJS Office to Get JKN Card (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)
Around 700 citizens are willing to line up at the office of the Social Security Providers (BPJS), Jl. Balai Pustaka Timur No. 39, Block B 10, Rawamangun, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, Thursday (9/1). They come to register as a participant of the National Health Insurance (JKN).

This condition makes the officers of PT Askes overwhelmed which amounted to only three people. Luckily, it can be handled after they got assistance from officers of the central office.

Head of East Jakarta BPJS Branch, Nurifansyah said JKN membership consists of migration participants from PT Askes, military and police. Then are people who previously registered on the Regional Health Insurance (Jamkesda) and those who have not registered in another membership.

“Especially for unregistered people in another membership and come from low-income families, should have the recommendations of local urban villages and community health centers,” she explained, Thursday (1/9).

Sumiyati, (47), a citizen of Kayumanis who stood in line up to get JKN card admitted, she willing to line up to get JKN. Besides categorizing as a poor family, she wants to get free healthcare from the government.

“I do this, to get free healthcare in hospital and community health center,” she explained.